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5 Recipient Profiles

Up to 3 Gift Selections Per Person

Hands-free Gift Selection

Shopping & Shipping Done by Us

Get Back Your You Time 

No more rushing around town in search of the perfect gift, forgotten birthdays/occasions, or last-minute online purchases. We shop, package, and ship the perfect gift for you. 

Putting the thoughtfulness back into gift giving. 

How to Use Your Subscription

Once you've signed up to be a Boxedimity Subscriber, we do the shopping for you. That's up to 15 total gifts for 5 of your closest contacts for the year. Imagine the time you get back to do more of what you enjoy. 

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What's IncludedConcierge Services ($40)Carefree Subscriber ($125)
Personalized  Gift SelectionXX
Fun & Unique Packing ListXX
Handwritten NoteXX
Gifting for 5 recipients of your choiceX
FREE Shipping for the YearX
Automated Gift Giving for the YearX
Stored Recipient Profiles X

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