Super busy? Sometimes Forgetful?

Do you have lots of love and care to give to your friends, family and acquaintances, but just don't have time or head space to send gifts in a timely, well-thought-out way? We've got you covered! Boxedimity LLC is here to be the "do-it-all for you" in all of your gift giving needs. Our gift boxes and concierge service help you save time, save face, and support small and local businesses across the U.S. along the way! 

Our Story

Hello! Thank you for visiting us at Boxedimity. Our names are Radell and Alex and we are the husband and wife behind the scenes. We own and operate the company, when we're not chasing around our two little daughters.

We were inspired to create Boxedimity for several reasons. Both of us were born and raised by entrepreneurs, so you could say a venture such as this is in our blood. We also have a lot of friends and family members with the entrepreneurial spirit in them. We've witnessed first-hand how hard the impact of the pandemic and shutdowns has been on friends, family, and businesses we love in our local community. We were part of the problem, being major Amazon utilizers ourselves. So in addition to taking a personal pledge to buy local, shop small, we wanted to bring Boxedimity to life to help others do the same.

Lastly, because of seeing how busy entrepreneurs, parents of small children, grandparents of big families, etc. could be, we wanted to help alleviate the stress of finding and remembering to send out that perfect gift by offering our concierge services.

So let's partner together to support as many small and local businesses across America while spreading some cheer, love, and grace in the form of a thoughtful gift!

Personalized Gifts

We put the thought back into gifting. No more standard gift card or last-minute "big box store" purchase with us. We use surveys you complete about the recipient to customize a gift JUST for them. That's why we also include a handwritten letter with each gift. 

Supporter of Small Businesses

Our parents were small business owners and it's what put clothes on our backs, food on the table, and paid for our college tuition. We fully understand the importance of supporting small businesses and therefore strive to source all of our gift items from small businesses across the U.S. 

Local Gift Cards

More than supporting businesses in one region, we want to support the businesses that really hit home for the person receiving the gift. That's why each box includes a gift card to either a local favorite of theirs or somewhere new for them to try out. That way they can support business owners local to THEM! 



Our products are carefully chosen and gifts mindfully curated. We don't want the gifts you give to gather dust in the closet.


We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic waste personally, so why not in our business too? That's why our single gifts are not wrapped or packaged outside their original packaging.


Gifts are about the recipient, not the giver. Therefore, we personalize gifts based on their interests or a themed event.


Bottom line, we want to save you time. Let us handle your gift giving needs so you can spend time doing the things that bring you joy.

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