Springtime Gifts - Macramé Plant Hangers

Spring is officially here! With that comes renewal and rejuvenation.

As you look around, you can just feel a new page being turned. I don’t know if you get as excited about spring as I do, but as I breathe in that fresh air and feel the sun on my skin in the cool air, I get excited for things to come. It reminds me of track season, gardening, and travel. Plus, it is mine and my girls’ birthdays so what’s not to love? Spring and fall are my absolute FAVORITE!

As a family springtime means cleaning, organizing, and best of all starting our outdoor garden for the year. Radell has set up an amazing indoor garden starter with our tower garden and it has given us a jumpstart on our garden for the year. This year, we are planning on having some mustard greens, kale, 3 different melon variations, tomatoes, potatoes, green onion, blackberries, pluots (plum + apricots), and we might sprinkle a few other things in there.

We also have flowers around our yard that include roses, dahlias, daffodils, tulips, bee balm, lavender, and others. Boy do we love it!

Flower Collage

As far as our indoor plants go, I like to keep it simple. I prefer things that are easy to keep alive and help purify the air. Therefore, my go-to are snake plants and succulents. They are pretty low maintenance and easy to keep alive, which is a must for busy parents of young children like ourselves.

Succulents and Snake Plants Collage

Something that has gained popularity, are macramé plant holders. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they open counter space from which your plants would normally take up. You can hang them in your home office to lighten up the space, your bathroom, kitchen window, or even in the rear-view mirror of your car. Wherever you want to add that little touch of green in your life.

I am so happy that we have found an artist that handmakes these macramé plant holders. In partnering with Joni Pierson of Inoj Art, we can add these fun and beautiful pieces to gift boxes that are pre-picked or custom curated gift boxes you might want to gift someone.

They really are enjoyed by lots of people across the age spectrum and because they go great in a lot of spaces, are the perfect gift addition. So, whether you have a friend who loves plants and is a plant guru or can barely keep them alive, these little hangers can be filled with live or faux plants. Some will even come with custom concrete planters for your faux plant friends (also handmade by Joni).